Trensettahs Sound System - "La Fiebre"

Reggae-based musical collective Trensettahs Sound System are wholly dedicated to the cause on explosive new releases "La Fiebre" and the appropriately titled "Revolution".  Trensettahs Sound System was founded as 'a collective of Afro-futurists working to create and promote reggae music to fans all around the world.' With their prolific output and resounding art, the group achieve a cohesive, spiritual whole greater than the sum of it's parts while collaborating with artists and philosophies across the globe.

While most artists simply plan singles or albums, Trensettahs Sound System have planned an annual festival in Ethiopia, a collaborative album featuring artists from Jamaica, Ethiopia, Columbia and the U.S.A., as well as a 5-part docuseries that follows the collective to Columbia, Jamaica and the U.S.A. Thematically, Trensettahs Sound System resonates with social resistance and a reclamation of personal power. Knowing how critical it is to have strong limbs, this collective recruit the best of the best when it comes to collaborators. Their raucous track "La Fiebre" features celebrated vocalist Sizzla Kalonji and musical visionaries Zalama Crew, while "Revolution" features Zalama Crew.  

Trensettahs Sound System
 presents Zalama Crew featuring Sizzla Kalonji.

Trensettahs Sound System is a collective of musicians and DJ’s orchestrated by DJ Fyahman. Trensettahs Sound System has created a 3 part movement all titled the Black Sounds of Freedom; 1 – An annual festival in Ethiopia dubbed as the pilgrimage. 2 An album featuring artists in Jamaica, Ethiopia, Colombia, and the USA. 3 A 5 part docuseries that follows us to Colombia Jamaica and Ethiopia. This movement combines music with social resistance. We travel the black Diaspora and lead people to explore Africa. Trensettahs made the music for all of the collaborative features on the Black Sounds of Freedom.

Zalama Crew is music group in Cali Colombia. They are Latin Afrobeat. Their music combines Hip Hop Reggae Reggaeton and local Colombian music to form a unique South American Afrobeat sound for the world stage. Zalama Crew has been touring and producing music for over 10 years. They tour as a band and DJ sound system. Zalama Crew is featured on 2 songs on Black Sounds of Freedom. Trensettahs has made an album with Zalama that will be released by the end of the year. The album is titled Cali Music Cartel. One of the episodes of the Black Sounds of Freedom docuseries follows Zalama Crew travelling to between Jamaica and Colombia creating music and concerts and show the African roots of their home that we hear in their music.

Sizzla Kalonji is the most impactful singer in the Rastafarian movement. Sizzla is an international reggae star from Kingston Jamaica. He is one of the most commercially and critically successful contemporary reggae artists and is noted for his high number of releases.[1] As of 2022 he has released over 60 solo albums as well as 1000’s of singles and features. Sizzla is featured on 4 songs on the Black sounds of Freedom. There is a full album of Sizzla that trensettahs has produced titled, Repatriation Movement. Sizzla’s compound, Judgment Yard, is the focus of one of the episodes in the docuseries, Black Sounds of Freedom.

It is important to note, as we do consistently in the documentary, the reggae that we pursue is reggae that is the soundtrack to the Rastafarian movement. 
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