jRadx - "Desert Power" (Album)

Aptly described as a 'Creator of Creatures and Curiosities', Coquitlam, BC-based Rap/Electronic Artist and Producer jRadx delivers a molotov cocktail of musical innovation on mesmeric new album "Desert Power", out now on streaming platforms. The multi-disciplinary artist is on a creative tear after initially spending years perfecting his craft. "Desert Power" is jRadx's 4th album (3 of which were released last year), and a 5th is already in the planning stages. Seamlessly combining Rap/Hip Hop, Dance/Electronic, Downtempo and Experimental music, jRadx truly dances to the beat of his own drum and achieves a compelling 'flow of consciousness' vibration throughout.

“Is this war, Is this Life, Is this democratic, Or is this just strife” – from Strife by jRadx on Desert Power

From the Artist:
Contemplating the current media environment: government and citizen response to compounded social and environmental stress. Juxtaposed with the “we just need to take our time” sample, to suggest a level-headed approach.
jRadx - "Desert Power" (Album) jRadx - "Desert Power" (Album) Reviewed by Michael on 12/26/2022 Rating: 5