FERGE X FISHERMAN's Latest Hit: 'Racing'

In 'Racing', FERGE X FISHERMAN explore new musical territories, showcasing their ability to innovate within the hip-hop genre. This single from their album 'Good Mother' embodies a swift departure from their jazz-centric approach, embracing a more rhythmically complex and upbeat style. The track is a testament to their growth, featuring intricate gospel choirs and vintage string arrangements, evoking the essence of '70s film scores. The duo's chemistry, honed since their teenage years in Nuremberg, shines through in this release, blending skateboarding culture with their unique musical vision. The result is a compelling mix of retro and contemporary sounds, making 'Racing' a standout track in their career.

FERGE X FISHERMAN's Latest Hit: 'Racing' FERGE X FISHERMAN's Latest Hit: 'Racing' Reviewed by Michael on 1/22/2024 Rating: 5