Eric H. F. Law - "RECREATE" (Album)

Inspirational Folk Rock Singer Songwriter Eric H. F. Law mines current events in an often frightening world, while simultaneously turning within for clarity, wisdom and hope on new album "Recreate", out now on streaming platforms. Eric's authentic creative approach is inspired by a long lineage of great storytellers such as Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan and Daniel Lanois

Ultimately, it is Eric's mission as an artist to look at and understand the darkness in order to bring about the light of awareness and understanding. Although the album speaks on themes ranging from the January 6, 2021 insurrection to the killing of George Floyd, the all-pervasive theme is a belief in the power of love to transmute any lower energies and provide renewal.

Eric expands on the underlying themes and intrinsic meaning behind this vibrant new collection of songs.

"Recreate is a collection of songs that invites listeners to enter deeper into  "why" horrible things happened in our country and communities. Instead of angry songs of complaints that leave listeners overwhelmed and paralyzed, Recreate invites discernments that lead to a spirit of action rooted in our identity as human beings with memory of respect and kindness, with eyes that can see great things in the small and with a common connection to the LOVE that is our true identity – I love therefore I am.   

Instead of just pointing out how bad the January 6, 2021 insurrection at the US capital was, "Who Tells Us" invites us to ponder how we got there and who gave us our identity.  Instead of blaming others for not understanding how democracy works, "Win-Lose" and "Hold On-Reach Out" invite reflections on how to be good losers (and a good winner) in any elections where there will be more losers than winners.  Instead of being angry at the killing of George Floyd by Derek Chauvin and many killings that went before and after, "Uneasy Glory" leads us into the heart of the issue which is as old as Cain and Abel, the mythical story of violence among siblings in the Bible. "Hands On My Shoulder" is an ode to Joe Biden who, for me, restored our need for a compassionate leader in the highest office of our land – someone who noticed and listened to the elevator operator and a stuttering young man.  Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., "I Love-I Am" offers a non-violence approach to change: "Hatred and violence can never stop the virus of fear; only love can do that."  "Slow Me Down" invites us to slow down and notice those whom we left behind and to dance to LOVE's mercy beat.  "Small Things" calls us to see the interconnectedness of all things – big and small.  By living into this interconnectedness among people and with the earth, we can find the hope, courage and grace to RECREATE a gracious day in this polarized frightening world."

Eric H. F. Law - "RECREATE" (Album) Eric H. F. Law - "RECREATE" (Album) Reviewed by Michael on 8/11/2023 Rating: 5