Copywrite - Want To Three For (Instrumental)

Veteran Ohio emcee & producer Copywrite, hits us with the latest instrumental "Want To Three For" off his new beat tape "Ya Garbage Kid" out now on Bandcamp via Man Bites Dog Records. Check out his thoughts on the instrumental below. 

"This beat is an ode to one of my favorite beats, groups and producers all in one. Can you guess why? You'll have to because I'm not telling. This beat has a few different parts that hype me up and a few parts that make me laugh for inside reasons. I wonder if the chic moaning will recognize her voice? Doubt it. There are plenty of beats on #YGK that I could have picked for the single to this thing but this had a lot going on and a fun but evil energy which sums me up in a nutshell. So here it is; the second single off of my debut instrumental album called "Ya Garbage Kid". I hope you have as much fun listening to it as I did making it. Of course I was on copious amounts of weed when I was making that so you have an uphill battle. At any rate, Enjoy!" - Copywrite
Copywrite - Want To Three For (Instrumental) Copywrite - Want To Three For (Instrumental) Reviewed by Michael on 4/08/2023 Rating: 5