Cosmopolis - "Parasite"

Forward-thinking Post-Punk Art Rock collective Cosmopolis cook a bitches brew of unfiltered, scathing lyricism, gutsy social commentary, and swaths of Gothic Rock, Post-Rock, Prog, Electronica and Lofi sounds on new single "Parasite". Cosmopolis don't just inhabit a uniquely dark and enigmatic space along the musical spectrum; the revel in it. With influences ranging from Swans, Nick Cave, Joy Division and Massive Attack to the ever-influential Pink Floyd, this is music geared towards a visceral experience for the listener. Music Mayhem Magazine credited the band with 'major Radiohead and David Bowie vibes', describing their music as 'unapologetically dark music and belief that the power of music can influence emotions, behaviors, and morals.'

With members hailing from Belgium, Australia and England, this international trio unite to forge a wailing banshee of sonic havoc greater than the sum of it's parts. "Parasite" finds Cosmopolis further showcasing their ability to balance layers of dissonance and chaos with disarming honesty and, yes, beauty.

"On the surface this is a tale of obsession and a dysfunctional relationship, but in Cosmopolis' new song 'Parasite' it's never clear if the parasite is the external malevolent presence or the internal self-destructive urge. As frontman Gavin reveals "maybe it's both at the same time. And maybe living in Australia, I see the dark side of nature, so it seemed like a good way to approach obsession and self-destruction". The track builds to a searing climax which combines  elegiac beauty with violence and chaos. 

This song is part of that tradition of contrasting disturbing lyrics with beautiful instrumentation. It can be compared to Atmosphere by Joy Division, Femme Fatale by the Velvet Underground, The Bed by Lou Reed, maybe some things by Nick Cave."
Cosmopolis - "Parasite" Cosmopolis - "Parasite" Reviewed by Michael on 3/09/2023 Rating: 5