Makh Shares New Single “Closer”

Bradford-born Makh is a rapper, vocalist and record producer. Along with creating his own music, he is also a presenter for the BBC Asian Network. Born to Sikh parents but with a multicultural, multi-ethnic family, his music takes inspiration from hip-hop, reggaeton, soul and rock, with sprinkles of South Asian instrumentation, resulting in his own unique stamp on popular genres, such as on his new single, “Closer”.

“Closer” combines elements of hip-hop and R&B and immediately draws you in on first listen with captivating vocals before the rousing beat kicks in. The song is elevated further by its infectious hook, which will no doubt have everyone singing along, and Makh’s candid lyricism about being scared to fall in love. 

Elaborating further, Makh says, “It's a love song but not the typical heartbreak or falling in love story. It's about someone who really wants to fall in love but is scared of being vulnerable again. It's about the struggles with letting ourselves be open and trusting again, especially after you've been hurt. It's a real-life situation and circumstance that people face.” 

“Closer” is only Makh’s second single after arriving on the music scene with debut release “You What” in summer 2021, but it’s already very clear what a huge talent he is. Starting out the year with a bang, it’ll be exciting to see what else he has in store for 2023 as he positions himself as one to watch.

Makh Shares New Single “Closer” Makh Shares New Single “Closer” Reviewed by Michael on 2/02/2023 Rating: 5