Young Cardi feat. Bankrol Hayden - "BENZ" (Video)

Young Cardi's newest release 'BENZ', is heating up the hip hop scene with its unique blend of European and American influences. Featuring the talent of Monaco's own Young Cardi and Los Angeles-based artist Bankrol Hayden, this track is sure to be a hit. The video, directed by the renowned Jake The Shooter, is just as impressive as the track itself, with a high-energy production that showcases the skills of both artists. Don't miss out on this exciting new release from Young Cardi and Bankrol Hayden.

Young Cardi's highly-anticipated EP, "OUTSIDER", which promises to showcase a new side of the artist's talent, is set to release soon.
Young Cardi feat. Bankrol Hayden - "BENZ" (Video) Young Cardi feat. Bankrol Hayden - "BENZ" (Video) Reviewed by Michael on 1/10/2023 Rating: 5