Upstrz - "Meet Me Upstrz" (EP)

Grammy-nominated Upstrz is excited to announce the release of his EP, Meet Me Upstrz. The R&B singer-songwriter has collaborated with some of today's biggest artists—Chris Brown, Eric Bellinger and more—and now he's ready to make his mark in the industry. LISTEN HERE

“It's been a long time coming, and I can't wait for my fans to hear the vulnerable side of me through my music," says Upstrz. 

As a collection of work, Meet Me Upstrz digs deep into an introspective perspective, touching on topics like love and heartbreak over some smooth instrumentals that pull from R&B and hip-hop influences. In line with that, his new single, "Mine," is a modern-day R&B love song that combines smooth production and heartfelt lyrics, evoking a youthful Michael Jackson.

In addition to acting as executive producer and producer for "Mad Now" and "Meant to Be," Grammy winner Troy Taylor explains, "Upstrz exemplifies who he is as an artist and writer. From start to finish, he demonstrates his ability to deliver quality music with his unique style, diversity, and originality.”

With eight songs, this project combines soulful production with a modern soundscape—a feat that was accomplished by producers Troy Taylor, Tariq Beats, Boobie Robinson, and Brackz, to name a few.

Meet Me Upstrz is available to purchase/stream now on all major DSPs and digital retailers.
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