Maybach Stank feat. Young JR - "SCORE"


The CEO of Royal Mafia Empire, Pierre Rushing, was wrongfully convicted in 2011 for a murder he didn't commit. Imagine getting your life on the right track, and everything is taken away from you! Mr. Rushing was on a good path with his music career, represented by top industry players. All of that was stripped away from him. Eleven years later, Mr. Rushing is still fighting to free his name for a crime he didn't commit. Pierre took the time to focus on his case, and in the biggest fight of his life, he was granted a new evidence hearing that produced new evidence that he didn't commit the crime. His case is currently in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, waiting on relief.  

Behind Bars, Rushing is taking action with his career. His love for music grew more assertive. In 2020 he officially started Royal Mafia Empire with a dream to build a new Death Row and take his dream of running a company to reality. Despite all the negativity regarding this case, Pierre Rushing has continued to keep a positive mindset, write music, and strive toward the goals he wants to achieve. "Royal Mafia is a lifestyle where we pride ourselves in giving back to the heart of our communities and dropping nothing but hot release after hot release," said Rushing.

Pierre has been featured on one of the largest podcasts, with Jason Flom, produced by Lava for Good: The Wrongful Conviction Podcast. The Podcast has covered Kim Kardashian, Meek Mill, and Jamal Trulove, to name a few. Since being incarcerated, he has dropped multiple EP's and is working on a documentary.  Keep up with Pierre Rushing. 

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