Kevin Ross - "Sweet Release" (Video)


Kevin Ross's video for “Sweet Release” captures the inimitable essence of the modern woman - multi-hyphenate and defined by her endless well of strength, courage, and sensuality. Through intimate vignettes and carefully selected emblems of identity, the music video follows a woman as she lets go of the masks and captures her “sweet release” through sensual moments spent in a serene bubble bath, embracing her loving partner, and softly unraveling the layers of her identity until she is her true uninhibited self. Covering her eyes, she wears a blindfold that highlights words such as “Confident”, “Capable”, “Empowered” and “Queen”. Word by word, she unbinds the blindfold until she transcends home to a deep breath of renewal. By the end of the video, she is seen gazing powerfully and unapologetically into the center frame. Kevin Ross serves as a narrator throughout this process as the story cuts between fragments of Ross playing on a grand piano over a dreamy and hypnotic ocean of clouds, captivating the audience with his smooth, richly decadent vocals and his signature, timeless presence. 
Kevin Ross - "Sweet Release" (Video) Kevin Ross - "Sweet Release" (Video) Reviewed by Michael on 11/08/2022 Rating: 5